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Coway's bidet, water purifier, air purifier product approval MOSFET mass production supply
Writer : 관리자(sales@semihow.com)  Date : 21.05.21   Hits : 2838

SuperJunction MOSFET HCS70R360S (TO-220F) products are supplied to Coway 80W bidet products after final approval through reliability verification.

Coway bidet, water purifier, and air purifier products are all applied.

-. Bidet: Super Junction MOSFET HCS80R380(TO-220F), HCS70R360(TO-220F)
-. Water purifier: Super Junction MOSFET HCS80R380S
-. Air Purifier: Planar MOSFET HFS7N80(TO-220F), HFS10N80(TO-220F)

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